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Successful Graduates of Our Department: Elona Rusi Karacalarlı

Successful Graduates of Our Department: Elona Rusi Karacalarlı
Published Date: Sunday, 23 July 2023

Elona Rusi Karacalarlı completed her Master’s Degree in International Relations at the Eastern Mediterranean University, where she also worked as a teaching and research assistant in the same department. She continued with her academic life and holds a Ph.D. in International Relations since 2014. In 2016 Dr. Rusi Karacalarlı started her professional career as Assistant/Deputy Political Advisor at NATO Allied Land Command. After three years and a half in this position, she moved to the Civil-Millitary Cooperation branch of the same organization, where she is still working as a Staff Officer with a focus mainly on Resilience Through Civil Preparedness. Other responsibilities she has had during this time include political advice, evaluation, lessons learned, training NATO partner nations’ armies, conducting analysis and assessment on her subject matter expertise, etc. Dr. Rusi Karacalarlı speaks fluently Albanian, English, and Turkish while improving her Italian and French. She is a mother of a four years old son and lives in İzmir with frequent travel to Belgium for family and professional purposes.

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