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International Relations Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. Program develops candidates’ skills in international political analysis and prepares them for an academic career through a focus on research skills and professional socialization into the International Relations (IR) discipline. It contributes to their specialized knowledge of the various sub-disciplines of IR including International Relations Theory, International Law, Conflict Resolution, International Political Economy, Foreign Policy Analysis, as well as Comparative Politics and area studies, as a related field of study. Area studies comprise Europe including Cyprus and Turkey, the United States, the Middle East and Central Asia. The Program is particularly suitable for candidates who wish to either pursue an academic career or to enter their countries' diplomatic services or international civil service. The Program consists of eight courses, written and oral qualifying examinations, defence of the dissertation proposal and the PhD dissertation.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to satisfy general admission requirements of the Institute. In general, students who wish to pursue a given graduate program in the Faculty of Business and Economics, but have completed a BA/BS in another field may be admitted to the program, subject to successfully completing selected prerequisite courses from the related department.

Research Interests

Conflict resolution; includes a focus on regional issues that includes a focus on Cyprus studies. Foreign policy analysis and strategic decision making with a focus on Turkish affairs(i.e. Turkish foreign policy, Turkey-EU relations, and the Cyprus conflict), as well as broader foreign policy relations, including United States foreign policy, and international diplomacy. Contemporary Middle East issues, including transitions from monarchies to republics and popular demands for change in the Middle East. Global Political Economy; focuses on the impact of globalism/regionalism on society, EU enlargement, and Europeanization. International Law; specializing in international human rights and democratization, international law, settlement of disputes


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Course Title Credit Lec. Tut.
INTL600 PhD Thesis - - -
INTL601 International Relations Theory

The Seminar will focus on current theoretical debates in international relations.The seminar examines the foundations of International Relations theory, surveys the basic concepts and main theories currently in use, and points to various trends.  Challenges of global phenomena raise questions regarding the applicability of conventional approaches to theorizing based on the Westphalian framework, thus problematizing traditional perspectives.

3 - -
INTL602 International Law and Organisation

The Seminar aims to capture the competing visions and perceptions of international law and international organization, and the tension between the ?traditional? and ?new? international law. It will theorize on the relationship between international law and international relations. The Seminar will also explore the process of fragmentation of international law and the difficulties arising from its diversification and expansion.

3 - -
INTL603 Global Political Economy

The emergence and transformation of the world economy will be analyzed in the context of inter-state relations. The course will consider the nature of hegemony, and its role in constituting political and economic institutions and structures at the international level. It will also deal with the epistemological and ontological underpinnings of modern thinking about the global political economy, and introduce research students to current debates in the field.

3 - -
INTL604 Research Methods

The objective of this seminar is to prepare graduate students for the task of thesis research through the development of a scientifically sound thesis proposal. Inter alia, it covers such issues as introduction to the research process; research design in the disciplines of International Relations and Comparative Politics; debates and examples in the literature; epistemological and methodological issues; formatting issues; and the preparation of individual thesis proposals.

3 3 -
REQ1 Elective Course 3 3 -
REQ2 Elective Course 3 3 -
REQ3 Elective Course 3 3 -
REQ4 Elective Course 3 3 -
INTL699 Ph.D Qualifying Exam 3 - -
INTL698 Seminar

The goal of this Seminar is to provide students with a general understanding of International Relations as a scientific discipline and the opportunity to receive extensive intellectual and methodological advice on their doctoral research. More specifically, the Seminar is intended to provide students with an insight into practical skills needed as a researcher, academic ethics and tools to secure progression in their PhD work. It is meant to stimulate the writing process and awareness of the criteria that form the basis of peer review and academic assessment. It will provide a unique opportunity to network with scholars within the EMU academic community.

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