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Successful Graduates Of Our Department: Fadıl Ersözer

Successful Graduates Of Our Department: Fadıl Ersözer
Published Date: Sunday, 23 July 2023


Fadıl Ersözer is a lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester, where he also completed his PhD and has fulfilled various teaching and administrative responsibilities.

His research areas are European Union, Cyprus, Europeanisation, conflict resolution, and natural resources. His current research focuses on the EU's post-accession involvement in Cyprus and its Green Line Regulation.

He published in the Journal of Contemporary European Research, UACES - Crossroads Europe, Manchester Policy Blogs, and The Guardian. He also presented at international academic conferences such as International Studies Association (ISA) and European Consortium for Political Research.

Ersözer extensively taught European and international politics courses at the University of Manchester since 2014 and has been the Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE) administrator, where he has organised numerous academic seminars and special lectures with high-profile speakers about international, European, and UK politics.

He holds an MSc in International Relations of Europe from The London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in International Relations from the Eastern Mediterranean University and the University of Sussex.

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